A few more of our favorite things…

Here is the latest round up of interesting things to check out that are happening at the intersection of sports, film, culture and politics. Enjoy!

Watch Edges, the award-winning 9-minute short film about 90-year-old ice skater, Yvonne Dowlen.

Jump on your bicycle and ride along with Ayesha McGowan’s “Do Better Together” Virtual Ride Series + get a chance to win a new bike.

Subscribe to The Relish, the juicy newsletter that serves up sports for the female fan.

Rent (or better yet, buy) Quit Your Day Job, the first full length female skate film in the US in over a decade.

Read (and watch) this gorgeous multimedia article about prima ballerina Misty Copeland’s trip to Cuba to represent female athleticism (yes, athleticism.)

Order this art print of all the women who won gold medals at the Rio Olympics (and London, too.)

Apply for this Marketing Internship with the girls action sports team at MAHFIA.TV

Join No Bull Sports, the new online community for high school female athletes and apply for their $5000 scholarship. (deadline 03/01/17)

Apply for the BridgeUp: Film after-school scholarship program for 9th-12th grade young women to receive training and mentorship in journalism and visual storytelling. (deadline 2/10/17)

Save the dates for the 2017 Women Sports Film Festival when it returns to Oakland on September 28-30, 2017





Meet the Director: Madeleine Hunt Ehrlich, Mckayla


Meet the Director: Veena Rao, The Honeys and Bears


Meet the Directors: Lisa Lax and Nancy Stern Winters


Meet the Directors Behind the Camera with Carrie Sheinberg


2017 Women Sports Film Festival has landed!


Statement Regarding Yom Kippur