Too often we talk about what women’s sports isn’t, instead of what it is.

–Shira Springer, Sports Reporter, Boston Globe

The Women Sports Film Festival uses the power of documentary film to celebrate female athletes and the filmmakers who bring their stories to the screen.  Our mission is to advance equity in women’s sports and filmmaking by creating a platform that amplifies the stories of strong, embodied women.


Study after study shows that women are underrepresented on screen and behind the camera. Only 25% of narrative movies in major film festivals in 2017 had a female director. Almost twice as many documentaries were directed by men as by women in the same time frame. There is a similar gap in youth athletics with girls dropping out of sports 2x faster than boys by the time they turn fourteen.  The good news is when women and girls are better represented behind the camera, they are better reflected on screen. Women have directed 37 of the 52 films we have screened in our short history.  From pay equity to religious freedom, our films touch on many of the most urgent issues impacting women and girls around the world.


The film festival is just the beginning. Our dream is to bring these inspiring films to communities around the world and to create an online destination where you can always find the best in women’s sports documentaries. Join us as we create a movement that keeps stories about strong women and girls center stage.


Susan Sullivan and Jennifer Matt are the co-founders of the Women Sports Film Festival. Partners in work and life, their story began in 2005 when they each crossed the finish line of Ironman Canada. The vision for the film festival grew out of Susan’s experience as a birth doula and filmmaker combined with Jennie’s skills as a technology entrepreneur. The heart of the festival is the amazing community of people who come together to bring the festival to life.