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Ready to Launch!

Welcome to the Women Sports Film Festival blog. This is the place to be for news and updates as we launch our inaugural festival on July 28-30, 2016 at The New Parkway Theater in Oakland, California. Things you can count on finding here in the weeks ahead. The story of how the festival came to be, the films that sparked the idea, and the team of people working together to make it all happen. Profiles of the athletes plus interviews with the directors and producers of our featured films to hear the backstory of why and how their films were made.  And of course, the latest details on all things festival-related – like workouts with our community partners, special guests...
Fans of China and the US cheer before their  2015 FIFA Women's World Cup quarterfinal match between the US and China at Lansdowne Stadium in Ottawa, Ontario on June 26, 2015.    AFP PHOTO/NICHOLAS KAMM        (Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

Women’s World Cup Succeeds in Spite of FIFA

Previously appeared in the Huffington Post. Everyone benefits from the growth of women’s global soccer - EVERYONE! So FIFA let’s not make it more challenging than it has to be.   [About Fred Astaire] “Sure he was great, but don’t forget Ginger Rogers did everything he did backwards... and in high heels.” - Bob Thaves in 1982. [About Women’s World Cup] “Sure, FIFA’s Men’s World Cup is great, but don’t forget the women are playing the same game on fields of hot coals (artificial turf), getting paid A LOT less, in a manipulated tournament bracket, with their fans waiting 2-plus hours to buy merchandise, all while staying in the same hotel with opposing teams.” - Jennie Matt in 2015 FIFA’s...
Football Trapped in a Goal Net, Close-Up

The Importance of Girl's Sports and Women’s Parity in FIFA

Previously published in the Huffington Post. According to the Guardian, FIFA (the global governing body for men’s and women’s soccer) practices “gender discrimination extreme enough to violate the law in almost every country where FIFA tournaments are played.” We need a path to parity for women within FIFA, and hoping FIFA will do the right thing is not a strategy. Hope is only a solid strategy if you need the world’s best goal keeper (USA’s Hope Solo). We as consumers can and should play a significant role in this important global change for women’s sports. Lend your support for women’s parity in FIFA by joining Millions of Consumers for Women’s Parity in FIFA on Facebook and spreading the word.  ...